15 June 2016


Or maybe this is Ted.

 We will find out in October when we become grand-parents again.

We are sure Chris and Alice will be wonderful parents to the lucky child :-)

8 June 2016


Recent torrential rains have brought the highest river levels for many years and minor flooding in Launceston

1 June 2016

Happy Jack Day

Now we are se7en.

A great treasure hunt was enjoyed by Jack and some friends.

Excellent organising by Liz as usual.

2 May 2016

Mountain top

I try and get to the top of Cradle Mountain most years,
and if you pick the right day it is magnificent.

This was a good year :-)

30 April 2016

Soccer is the new football !

Jack is now playing soccer on (some very cold) Saturday mornings at Bellerive.

The team is slowly coming together and many grandparents are there to cheer them on. . . .

5 April 2016

Campervan Project

Dave has bought an old (1986) 4wd campervan.

Currently a bit of a garage project,
but hopefully will provide a bit of amusement and
some interesting road trips in the future.

25 March 2016

Fishy Business

Spending Easter at the shack at Eagle Hawk Neck;

we saw this magnificent Swordfish landed.

 We can't claim any credit for the catch, but we did get a decent sample to cook up for tea :-)

6 March 2016

She's leaving Home

Sarah has now moved into a flat in Battery Point in Hobart.

Walking distance to the town centre and local pubs etc :-)

8 February 2016

Birthday Girl

48 and holding . . . .

22 January 2016

Sibling surprise

In a lovely surprise we were treated to Chris (down for a wedding) and Cath who sneaked back home for a couple of weeks.

Cath also joined us for a few days camping at Coles bay. Some things are always worth doing with the next generation with Liz, Rob, Jack and Max as well.

Check out the holiday snaps here

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