14 April 2008

Food Storey on British TV

Chris and his girlfriend, Alice Storey, have been in England for only 6 months and she is currently on Prime time BBC2 at 6:30 every day! Featuring as support on a cooking program, Great British Menu. Above are a few clips from a recent episode . . .Click on it a couple of times to play the clip. Well done Alice. I'm not sure if she has picked up all of Gordon Ramsay's vocabulary quite yet. We hear she also has a receipe book on the go. . . .

6 April 2008

All Walks of Life

Having a permanent job in Hobart does not seem to have slowed Liz down too much. She & Rob have just got back from walking the Milford Track in New Zealand and are now preparing for the Inca Trail in Peru in a month or so. Its a hard life for some it seems. I am very envious and hope to get there myself before too long, but moving house has taken a bit of time and money. . . maybe next year.

4 April 2008

Baby Boom

While Liz is in in Hobart making babies at the IVF clinic she has 12 friends and relatives with newborn or young ones on the way! Congratulations to Mat & Jen with young Thomas and here is a fantasic scan of a great-niece-to-be. . . Little Miss Ganley will be arriving in New York in June. . . nice one Emma.

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