1 January 2000


27 Dec 2000 - White Christmas (almost)
Several inches of snow and conditions cold enough to freeze the local duck pond solid greeted Dave and Sarah while visiting relatives in England.

25 Dec 2000 - Surprise 80th Party for Guy
Sarah and Dave journeyed to England for a surprise 80th birthday party for Guy (dave's dad) which was on Christmas day. A very large family get-together was held in a Faversham restaurant. All his children and most grandchildren were there and a good time was had by all. Dave and Sarah stayed on to catch up with other friends and relatives and see some of the sights.

20 Dec 2000 - Braided in Bali
On a recent trip to Indonesia, Sarah went along with the local custom of having her hair braided. It certainly saved Dave from having to brush or plait it for a couple of weeks!

17 Dec 2000 - Waiting for Santa
Well, the Christmas tree is up and decorated. Tradition dictates it has to be a massive pine, just trimmed enough to fit through the door and not poke a hole in the ceiling. We've gone for the hi-tech flashing lights this year, just waiting for Santa to turn up, he's sure to be impressed.

1 Nov 2000 - One man went to mow!
With the very wet and warm spring the grass here is growing faster than the mower can get round the garden. Pity neither of our sons, both finished school for the summer, seem able to find the mower! For those that remember the pampas grass front hedge... its now mostly charcoal, looking a bit black for a while but has certainly opened up the vista. Several neighbours have recently installed security fences, automatic gates and rabbit-proof fences. We are not sure whether to go for razor-wire and guard towers or leave it all open and unfenced, probably the latter.

16 Oct 2000 - Chris's double decadence
Chris has made it to 20. Happy birthday Chris. Currently studying for 2nd year exams which are coming up soon. Also back in "dreads" although a bit shorter this time. (we'll spare you the photo). We usually have the pool swimable this time of year, but it has been very wet and windy of late so spring seems at least a couple of weeks late this year.

14 Sep 2000 - Joan 80 years young
Joan (Denise's mother) just turned 80 and a large family get-together was organised at the Hills's place. All the Beatties came up from Hobart to join the celebrations. Adam, (Patrick Kerrisons youngest) stole the show by tucking into the cake as the candles were being lit.

2 Aug 2000 - Rosemary goes walkabout
Rosemary (Denise's sister) has taken a short-term teaching contract in the out-back; teaching aboriginal children in the Northern Teritory. Somewhat of a culture shock, but one way to escape from the Tasmanian winter ;-). She can be reached at alekaren@topend.com.au (mark subject attn Rosemary Kerrison). Doug has recently driven up for a visit.

28 July 2000 - Monkey Business
One member of the household recently attended a costume party. It was a considerable time before their true identity was revealed, and by the end of the evening they were well and truly "in the mist".

1 June 2000 - Limerick
There once was a donkey named FrankHe fell in the mud and sankHe jumped up and downAnd then ran to townBecause he needed to go to the bank...Catherine

20 March 2000 - Pink Pampas
The local forestry department have declared war on pampas grass and have sprayed our front bank with "roundup"containing a very pink dye. Looks quite specy, but will soon be dead. Once the autumn rains come I'll put a match to it, but its too dry just now.

6 March 2000 - Cath walks Tall - High Cath!
Cath is determined to be the tallest in the family, but has had to resort to stilts to be able to look down on Peter. Other recent events include a camping trip to the east coast by Dave, Denise, Cath and Sarah; Doug Kerrisons 60th birthday; and a hike to the summit of cradle mountain.

10 Jan 2000 - Key of the (car) door
Liz turned 21 to-day and is now the proud owner of her own vehicle. She survived all the celebrations and is now working in the Path Lab at Royal Hobart Hospital and living in nice flat in Hobart. Other birthdays close by are Peter (17) on 31 Dec and Sarah (9) on 31 Jan.

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