18 April 2017


this blog now redundant as it is superseded by facebook and the like. . .

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15 June 2016


Or maybe this is Ted.

 We will find out in October when we become grand-parents again.

We are sure Chris and Alice will be wonderful parents to the lucky child :-)

8 June 2016


Recent torrential rains have brought the highest river levels for many years and minor flooding in Launceston

1 June 2016

Happy Jack Day

Now we are se7en.

A great treasure hunt was enjoyed by Jack and some friends.

Excellent organising by Liz as usual.

2 May 2016

Mountain top

I try and get to the top of Cradle Mountain most years,
and if you pick the right day it is magnificent.

This was a good year :-)

30 April 2016

Soccer is the new football !

Jack is now playing soccer on (some very cold) Saturday mornings at Bellerive.

The team is slowly coming together and many grandparents are there to cheer them on. . . .

5 April 2016

Campervan Project

Dave has bought an old (1986) 4wd campervan.

Currently a bit of a garage project,
but hopefully will provide a bit of amusement and
some interesting road trips in the future.

25 March 2016

Fishy Business

Spending Easter at the shack at Eagle Hawk Neck;

we saw this magnificent Swordfish landed.

 We can't claim any credit for the catch, but we did get a decent sample to cook up for tea :-)

6 March 2016

She's leaving Home

Sarah has now moved into a flat in Battery Point in Hobart.

Walking distance to the town centre and local pubs etc :-)

8 February 2016

Birthday Girl

48 and holding . . . .

22 January 2016

Sibling surprise

In a lovely surprise we were treated to Chris (down for a wedding) and Cath who sneaked back home for a couple of weeks.

Cath also joined us for a few days camping at Coles bay. Some things are always worth doing with the next generation with Liz, Rob, Jack and Max as well.

Check out the holiday snaps here

26 December 2015

Boxing on

Boxing day saw us down in Hobart with Liz and the boys .

The we spent a pleasant couple of days at their shack before returning North

25 December 2015

All hands on Deck

After cocktails by Peter; A beautiful sunny Christmas day saw us all at Patrick's celebrating on the new deck. Great food, company and a few drinks were much enjoyed by all.

16 December 2015

Santa's workshop

A few pallet based items seem to have been created this year, including a Pirate Chest, beach cricket set and a Balista. Guess which was the most popular

14 December 2015


After the biggest Christmas tree ever last year we now have the smallest.

It will not be hard to have a bigger one than this next year.

With only a small contingent at home this year it didn't seem worth going overboard. . . .

1 December 2015

Things that go BUMP in the night

Some local yahoos stole this car and let it run down our (very steep) street. Luckily no one was injured and no damage done (apart from the car)

13 November 2015

Return of the master

Sarah is back from Perth WA with excellent results in her Master of Audiology degree..

Very well done indeed Sarah.

She will be starting a job as an audiologist in Hobart in the new year which is much closer to home. :-)

6 November 2015

Fireman Max

Max loves fire engines so we put his to the test!

24 October 2015

Dust to Dust

Scattering Guy
The scattering went well on Great Aunt Esther's grave. Bell ringers were giving us a soundtrack and some Talisker was enjoyed in his memory. Penny, Catherine and myself were there together with Ryan and Pat. The village of Bratton is delightful, a bit like stepping back in time and the pub fed us well for lunch. Afterwards we went up the Westbury white horse where we found fresh roses matching Catherine's coat.

Love Tony

17 October 2015


Holly bank has always been a favourite for the Hill family, kids and dogs.

The tradition continues. Enhanced by the excellent mountain bike trails that have been established recently.

It's still a good place to light a fire a cook a sausage and play in the river . . . . .

10 September 2015


Dave has been painting the hallways although the ladders and planks seem to make a great climbing frame for the boys .

With high coloured ceilings and exposed beams there seems to be an inordinate amount of cutting-in; plus four windows in each door to paint around inside and out - sheeesh.

Still; its done now, ready for some new carpet next; trying to get the infractructure jobs done before retirement and much reduced funding sets in.

8 August 2015

4 Max

Happy Birthday to MAX

With a starry night themed party we had to go outside to see to eat the cake!

A great time was had by all ; especially the birthday boy

2 August 2015

All that JAZZ

Granma's new green machine

9 July 2015

Jack Fish

Jack spent a few days with us and we took him to a local dam (Mountain Stream)

He had a great time catching his first trout. One rainbow and two brook trout.

Awesome Jack;

 and they tasted great too :-)

4 July 2015

Full House

Full House this weekend!

Liz and Rob were up with Jack and Max and we were joined by Martin and Best and their three boys.


Two friends of Best and their three kids.

Meals were strictly 2 sittings; 8 kids first, followed later by the 8 adults.

All went very smoothly and a good time was had by all.

13 June 2015

Birthday Bob

A large contingent of family and friends helped Bob celebrate his 70th journey around the sun.

Now retired, Bob and Sue are off to the UK to take part in the WORLD croquet championships.

1 June 2015

Now we are 6

After 3 snow themed birthday parties, this year Jack went with LEGO.  Much fun for all involved

8 May 2015

Max the Digger Man

Max came up to stay for a few days, which included a visit to Agfest and more than one ice-cream. The salesman was impressed with his skills and gave him a BobCat beanie. A great time was had by all.

3 April 2015

Swanning about

Easter holidays

Swanning about at Richmond

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