24 August 2011

Wots Cooking

Dave has been making lots of sawdust in the garage again.

The result this time looks like a stove for little people to cook up a storm. It was supposed to look like this

So watch out for Jack on junior Master Chef pretty soon. . . .

Max is settling in, the updated album is here.

AND. . Pete and Bianca have made it to Port Douglas. . . almost on the home stretch . . .

16 August 2011

POP over to Manly

Alice and Chris have a new (currently part-time) venture making pure fruit-juice icey poles to sell at the local markets in Manly and surrounding areas.

They are gearing up for summer, which is not too far off now.

Trading as "Pure Pops" they have a web site and sales cart coming soon.

9 August 2011

Max Out

Welcome Liz and Rob's latest addition to the family - Max Riley weighing in at 7lb 4 oz on 8 August

One day old and already making news :-)

Also in the newspaper . . Read all about it here.

And more pictures here.

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