28 November 2010

Playing A Round

Dave played a round of golf on the back 9 at the Casino to-day with Matt and Greg Bowen. This clip shows Matt giving us a demonstration on how to tee-off. You can follow our progress by clicking here. 6.2 Kilometers, including looking for lost balls. There are many ways to score in golf with various handicap systems. Based on who lost the least balls, Dave was the clear winner with 1, followed by Matt with 2 and Greg with 3. Longest drive, we'll give to Greg for the over the trees shot on the 17th. Most consistent and man of the match goes to Matt. Stats, tracks and vids courtesy of the new HTC phone thingy.

14 November 2010

Rock On

Dave has been making a lot of sawdust in the garage lately and the result seems to be a rocking horse (of sorts). Click on picture for closer view. A few lengths of 70x35, an old trampoline spring (enclosed for safety) a bit of road-kill and here it is. (Pivot bearings from a skateboard but don't tell Chris.) Not yet broken in, and with no jockey measurements or weights to go by who knows how it will go. Note the adjustable tension holes and also foot-pegs (umm Stirrups)so it maybe OK . . ask Jack after Chrismas (shhhhhhhh....)

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