14 January 2007

She's a Lumberjack and She's OK

Sarah is taking part in a student exchange for this year and is off to the mighty forests of Northern British Columbia, leaping from tree to tree, well perhaps not. . . Her host family sound lovely and we are sure that she will gain much from the experience, even the -20C winter which will come as a bit of a shock at first. She will be living and attending school in Prince George and will be missed by all at home, expecially Maggie (the dog) Click here for the Pics

3 January 2007

Flinders by bike

Whilst the younger members of the family were off enjoying the Falls Festival, Dave took the ferry over to Flinders Island and cycled around for a week. It does not have the same magic as the Scotish islands, but does have some similarities such as strong winds to cycle into. The locals, although few and far between were friendly and the ferry ride was enjoyable. (Click on th picture for a view from the top of Mt Strezlecki)

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