27 December 2010

Christmas Engagement Party

Meanwhile, back in Tasmania the rest of the Hills celebrated Christmas with the usual relly rally, followed a couple of days later by an engagement party for Chris and Alice hosted by Alice's parents.

A good time was had by all. . . .

A few pictures of these occasions can be found here.

25 December 2010

Guy celebrates 90th Christmas

Dave and Cath were in the UK to help celebrate Guy's 90th birthday on Christmas day. Ann put on a magnificent spread and many UK Hills, young and old, were there to join the festivities.

Several other get-togethers with other family groups were held throughout the ensuing week.

A few pictures of the occasion can be found here.

15 December 2010

Deck the Halls

No Holly here. . . but a nice Christmas tree courtesy (albeit unknowingly) of the Forestry Commission, being decorated by Sarah. Many well loved items hanging here. It seems to meet the family regulations of touching the ceiling and plenty of room for presents underneath.

28 November 2010

Playing A Round

Dave played a round of golf on the back 9 at the Casino to-day with Matt and Greg Bowen. This clip shows Matt giving us a demonstration on how to tee-off. You can follow our progress by clicking here. 6.2 Kilometers, including looking for lost balls. There are many ways to score in golf with various handicap systems. Based on who lost the least balls, Dave was the clear winner with 1, followed by Matt with 2 and Greg with 3. Longest drive, we'll give to Greg for the over the trees shot on the 17th. Most consistent and man of the match goes to Matt. Stats, tracks and vids courtesy of the new HTC phone thingy.

14 November 2010

Rock On

Dave has been making a lot of sawdust in the garage lately and the result seems to be a rocking horse (of sorts). Click on picture for closer view. A few lengths of 70x35, an old trampoline spring (enclosed for safety) a bit of road-kill and here it is. (Pivot bearings from a skateboard but don't tell Chris.) Not yet broken in, and with no jockey measurements or weights to go by who knows how it will go. Note the adjustable tension holes and also foot-pegs (umm Stirrups)so it maybe OK . . ask Jack after Chrismas (shhhhhhhh....)

27 October 2010

Jack & the Beanstalk

Tune in soon for the golden goose eggs . . . . :-)

13 October 2010

Tears and Beers for Mike

A massed gathering of family and friends joined together to farewell Dave's brother Mike at his funeral service. Many tears were shed, many beers were drunk in a fitting farewell to one who was so good at organising a party. A great send-off organised by his incredible and lovely wife, Ann.

8 October 2010

Jewel in the Crown

While Cath has been visiting the Crown Jewels at the Tower of London, Sarah has started work in the local jewelers shop. Perhaps hoping to save enough to visit Cath before too long :-)

22 September 2010

Tradgedy Strikes

Dave's brother Mike was tragically killed in a crash while riding his motorcycle home to-day. Here is a news report

This bolt from the blue has shocked the whole family and everyone that new him. His larger than life personality and legendary hospitality will be missed by so very many. . .

15 August 2010

Walking the dog

Maggie taking jack for a walk . . . .

Meanwhile Cath & Ryan have moved into a flat in London after a few days in Paris. . . some pictures of their travels here

16 July 2010

Let there be light

Dave has put a window in the dowstairs bathroom to let in some natural light and provide ventilation.

The dark mustard colour is gone and it is now white and lilac and clean and bright !

17 June 2010

Hitched . . . . (almost)

Chris and Alice have announced their engagement to be married.

CONGRATULATIONS guys from everyone . . .

We are no longer "expecting an announcement shortly"

and looking forward to the social event of the century :-)

15 June 2010

Jack stepping out

No stopping this little man now . . . .

Meanwhile Cath & Ryan are currently in Prague. . . some pics here

14 June 2010

Tropical North QLD

The original plan after Faser Island was to hike down from Newcastle to Sydney. . . BUT. . . the weather has been so atrocious in northern NWS that a quick change of plan was in order and the weather was certainly better in northern Queensland. The wildlife encounters included crocs, turtles and many reef dwellers. . . .

A few pics from the trip can be found here.

1 June 2010

Jack Hammer

Happy Birthday Jack ! . . . . who turned one year old to-day.

More pictures can be found here.

18 May 2010

Sand . . . .

Dave recently spent a week hiking around Fraser Island. The worlds largest sand island with a 75 mile beach/highway and many beautiful fresh water lakes. More pictures here

Cath and Ryan are now in the UK.
Cath's USA pictures are here and UK pictures here

24 April 2010

House Warming by Pizza Oven

Liz & Rob had a lovely house warming party, serving up fresh pizza from their own wood fired pizza oven. There were so many children enjoying the garden and all Jack's toys it looked more like a creche. A great time was had by all.

Meanwhile, Cath and Ryan are continuing their travels in the US. There are some pictures (click here) .

9 April 2010

Chopsticks in LA

Here are Cath and Ryan playing chopsticks with famous Hollywood Music Editor Paul Rabjohns (a distant cousin) at a Korean BBQ restaurant in LA. (Click on it for an enlargement)

They have also been enjoying the usual LA mix of Disneyland, Universal Studios, live audience with Dr Phil, NBA Basketball, Beverley Hills, Venice Beach etc... Well. . .someone has to do it. . . .

31 March 2010

They're Off

Cath & Ryan have set off on their adventure. . . . 6 weeks in the USA including LA, San Francisco and New York and then on to the UK and Europe.

All offers of accommodation and ideas to meet up for drinks etc will be gratefully recieved. Cath can be contacted on
e-mail: cathcamel(at)yahoo.com
Txt/mobile phone: +44 (0)78 6672 6541 (US, UK & EU)

Have a wonderful time guys . . .

19 March 2010

Resigned to Travel

Its Cath's last day at work to-day! On 31 March she and Ryan set off for six weeks in the USA and then on to Europe. Lucky for some. . . . Have a great time Cath.

and moving on . . .

Liz and Rob have moved into their new home with much more room for Jack and Mif and
Sarah, now sudying pharmacy at the university of Hobart, is moving into campus accomodation at John Fisher College.

28 February 2010

Liz & Rob's wedding

The bride looked gorgeous, the gardens were lovely, the weather was warm, the bride's mother was misty eyed.

It was a wonderful celebration of Liz's marriage to Rob. Much enjoyed by everyone fortunate enough to be there :-)

The ceremony was in the Botanical Gardens in Hobart, with the reception at the restaurant in the grounds there.

For more pictures (click here) . Check back as more will be posted in the fullness of time.

14 February 2010

Hens in the Park

Liz and many of her friends, old and new, spent a pre nuptial night of secret womens' business in the park at Launceston Festivale. Followed by a bit of night clubbing . . By all accounts a good time was had by everyone. There are a few more pictures (click here) . See if you can spot the ring-in :-)

8 February 2010

Surprise ! !

Denise's sister Rosemary oraganised a surprise birthday celebration for her 60th birthday to-day. All went well and she didn't twig that anything was going on. Many friends, old and new, and relations from all around the state were there. Well organised Rosemary!

22 January 2010

Fish are Running

Dave has been a bit more productive fishing from the kayak lately with good runs of mackerel, Australian salmon and a few pike from the river.

12 January 2010

Nemo - Found

Chris and Alice have just returned from a trip to Port Douglas in Far North Queensland.

From the pictures (click here) it looks as though they had a pretty good time.

#DH # end dh