11 July 2012

Ring Ring


To Catherine and Ryan who have announced their engagement.

Rumour has it that the wedding will be around March next year.

Stay tuned for more details as they come to hand. . . .

8 July 2012

Happy CathDay

Cath has reached a quarter of a century !

As the days are very short here at this time of year she is having a birthday week to celebrate. (apparently a tradition learnt in Faversham)

Denise put on a magnificent family banquet, Dave made a cake and other activities included High-Tea with Liz in Hobart and lunch at Josef Chromy vineyard.

Cath thinks there are two pictures of Sarah in the mix. Which ones do you think?? One near the middle with sunnies maybe?

There are a few more pictures here .

There is also a prize for an accurate count (click on pic to enlarge) - put yours in the comments below. . . . .

1 July 2012

Free Parking

More sawdust in the workshop has resulted in a toy wooden garage (click pic for detail). Complete with Diesel and Unleaded fuel pumps, Car-wash, Showroom, Lift, Boom gates, up the ramp to the workshop with hoist and engine analyser. . . . . and more parking on the next level by the Heliport.

It currently appears to be a Subaru dealership.

It may be heading to Jack for Max's birthday :-)

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