1 January 2004


25 Dec 2004 - Bows & Knives

If you see an absent-minded professor type walking around Launceston, its just Dave wearing the bow-tie given to him by Cath for Christmas. But beware because Dave gave Cath a Machete (well it was on the list). Pete was over from Melbourne for Christmas and Liz was home too,
so it was more like the family Christmases of old.

20 Dec 2004 - Annapurnorama

We have stitched together some of Liz's photos for this spectacular panorama from Annapurna Base Camp. (use arrows to navigate) And here are also some of Daves Photos.

2 Nov 2004 - Namaste

[Na-mas-tayyy] The Nepali greeting will echo for ever in the heads of anyone who has ever been there. Liz and friend Rachel were joined by Dave for a couple of weeks trekking in the Annapurna ranges. Excellent weather, beautiful mountain scenery, middle-ages culture and the friendly natives made it an interesting and enjoyable trip.

21 Oct 2004 - Beer-go-round

Daves been back to the UK, catching up with family members and friends for a couple of weeks. Many pleasant evenings in many pubs and rarely in the same bed for more than one night. Its a hard life for some.

16 Oct 2004 - Chris Drops Out

Of an aeroplane that is. . .  from 10,000 feet. Now safely back on terra firma. .   something everybody should try. .  .  once. He has now moved up to Sydney where his girlfriend Alice has a job and is currently seeking gainful employment on the lower North Shore.

5 September 2004 - Liz out of Canada & funds

Having travelled from one side of Canada to the other over 6 months, Liz has returned to England to earn some more money before heading off on the next adventure. Mind you that's not going to stop her going to Germany for the beer festival :-)

1 August 2004 - Chris Booked Up

Chris has been promoted to assistant manager at the book shop. On ya Chris. . . 

12 July 2004 - Cafe Cath

Cath has now started work as a hospitality trainee at Bon Appetite in Charles Street. All those looking for a decent cup of coffee now know where to go! Peter also seems to be on the move in Melbourne to Templestowe Hotel if you're looking for a good feed over that way.

1 July 2004 - On the Fringe

Sarah's recent outing to the hairdressers seems to have resulted in a fringe. Looking good Sarah. . .  

24 June 2004 - Liz on the stampede

Liz has now finished working at the Resort on Vancouver Island and is heading east across the Rockies to Calgary Stampede.

18 May 2004 - Cath the masseuse

Cath went for an interview to be a masseuse. Apparently 98% of people have their spine out of alignment and Phil Newman is the man who can cure nearly all known diseases by his holistic approach to re-aligning it for them. He even came out to the car to see if I was good for the $500 he wanted to "train" Cath. I don't think so Phil.

2 April 2004 - Cath the hairdresser

Well. . .  not yet, but she has abandoned school at year 11 and is currently inundating all the local hairdressers with appeals for employment. Keep at it Cath, its not that easy to get a job in Launceston unless you know the right people.

15 March 2004 - Fly away Peter

Peter has moved to Melbourne to pursue his career in cooking and, more importantly, to be with girlfriend Leah. All going well so far.  . 

20 Feb 2004 - BC

Liz is now working in Tofino on Vancouver Island with long time friend Rachel for a few months. They plan to spend most of the summer touring Canada after a few months working in British Columbia.

31 Jan 2004 - Birthday with a BANGkok

On their way home from the UK, the girls stopped in Bangkok to visit cousin Martin and see the sights. This included riding elephants on Sarah's birthday.

10 Jan 2004 - What an Eye Full

As part of their trip to Europe, the girls went to Paris to celebrate Liz's birthday. Here they are at the Eiffel tower. They also went to Dizzyland and most other Paris landmarks.

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